Portfolio Reviews

Everyone needs a second opinion
Most artists are too close to their work to be objective about what to show to galleries, buyers and collectors. Our portfolio review process helps you decide which of your works of art will best help you reach your goals. Students and professionals alike benefit from our unbiased professional opinion.

Learn what to show and when to show it
Find out how to tailor your portfolio to your target audience. Showing the right work can increase your odds in any competition. An unorganized portfolio is like a series of random thoughts, you may understand what's going on, but no one else can. A great portfolio allows the viewer to experience the art.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, choose those words carefully
Learn to streamline your presentations and put your best foot forward. Our portfolio review is a chance for you to get a reaction from someone who resembles your ideal buyer or client.

What we see is what you get
After we establish that we can meet your expectations, we have a sit down and look at your work, it's a hands-on and eyes-on review. We will talk shop, discuss art and suggest a path for you to follow.

It's all about you
We offer a common sense approach with years of practical experience in the art world. We have bought, taught, curated and prepared artwork for presentations, galleries and private collections. We have installations of our own artwork in hotels, restaurants, hospitals and public spaces and private homes.
There is no magic bullet or secret recipe for success in the art world. There is no template or document that can be written or video that can be produced that can take you where we can. What we do for you is so personal, because it's all about you.

Take the next step
Give a call, send us an email and make an appointment. One hour consultations are $125.00