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Nestled in the shadow of the Tobin Bridge for over 8 years, the Pearl Street Gallery shows emerging artists and seasoned professionals alike. Learn more about our upcoming shows and call to artists.

“ Cuba - Decades Apart ”
Photographs of Cuba by Camila Bernal and by John Kennard
Opening Reception: February 25th 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Gallery Hours: Sundays, 2:00 - 5:00 thru March 26th and by appointment here

Street Scene in Havana by Camila Bernal, Summer 2016

Street Scene in Havana by Camila Bernal, Summer 2016

Photo by John Kennard, Havana 1997

Photo by John Kennard, Havana 1997






The Tobin Art Wall

The Tobin Art Wall is a public art project developed by Joe Greene, The Pearl Street Gallery and The Chelsea Art Walk. We are thrilled to have Internationally known artist
and author Caleb Neelon here, donating his time and talent! You can enjoy more of Calebs beautiful work, gracing the walls of the Jordan Boys and Girls Club.

Artist and author Caleb Neelon (SONIK) began his graffiti career like anyone else, but the Cambridge, Massachusetts native took a hard right and caught a flight out
of town. Deliberately ignoring the obvious global centers of New York, Los Angeles and London, Caleb painted subject matter close to his heart while making a street
presence in places like Kathmandu, Sao Paulo, and Tegucigalpa. Across, around and in between five continents, indoors and out, Caleb has pulled off some unique,
colorful and heartfelt work both alongside collaborators like Os Gemeos and Andrew Schoultz, as well as in streets where he is the first foreigner let alone street
painter to wander in quite some time.

Caleb has painted his way around the world, find out more about him here!

Special thanks to the Chelsea Collaborative, Mass DOT, The City of Chelsea, Tom Ambrosino: Chelsea City Manager, Joe Foti: Chelsea DPW and Chelsea Floor Coverings/

 As the project progresses, you are invited to take pictures and send them to us here and share them on the Chelsea Art Walk facebook page too!





Outsider Art Auction

Local artist " Florentino " is selling his private collection of original art. Each piece is painted on heavy steel plates and may be displayed outside the home on your deck, patio or poolside. Over 12 unique works are available, sizes range from 12" x 24" up to 24" x 60". All paintings are ready to hang. Visit our online auction page here.

C- 36" x36" by Florentino

C- 36" x36" by Florentino

The Pearl Street Gallery is always looking for new and established local artists    •    Please join our mailing list here and send us some of your work for consideration.
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